For the majority of citizens and residents in the UK the Brexit referendum was both a surprise and disappointment.  For others it was the result they wanted.  Sadly, the campaign was marred by lies which promised the impossible and undermined the electorate invalidating our proper democratic systems.  Both before and since the referendum most of the polls showed that neither the majority of the UK electorate nor the majority of UK 18+ residents wanted to leave the European Union. We believe we should have a voice.

Many Leave voters saw the referendum as a real opportunity to give the government a bloody nose because their own standard of living has steadily dropped in a society where the wealth of the country, as a whole, has been increasing every year.  There has been unfairness in the sharing of resources, particularly resources that lead to quality employment, improved housing and access to health care for all ages. 

We believe that leaving the EU is not in the interest of the UK.  With its negotiated opt-outs and our own currency we have a unique and excellent trading, security and economic position to be successful and influential for good at the heart of Europe. 

Europe has suffered from wars for much of history.  Since 1945 the continent has not always been free of war but it has not seen again the devastation of the two world wars.  Winston Churchill, with many others, sought to create an environment where, never again, should any country in Europe have their own expansionist vision, with politicians determined to go-it-alone.  Our neighbours need to be our friends.

I hope you will read this manifesto and join REMAIN.