Maintaining the funding to the National Health is essential.  The £350 million promise for the National Health Service has been criticised as totally unrealistic.  Only £136 million is saved per week, and that will have to be used to pay the £50 billion divorce bill and then keep the weaker economy afloat.

The National Health Service is well regarded across the globe as a positive element of British living.  REMAIN want to promote the NHS funding but the UK cannot do this if it leaves the EU.

We need more doctors to deal with the GP shortages in the UK.  We need to attract doctors from abroad to meet that need, so we need to make it easy for them to be here.  We need to train more doctors, and the funding for that will be hard to find if the economy shrinks. 

Both Germany and France put more finance, per person, into their Health Services than does the UK.  It would be unwise to cut tax income, otherwise our Health Service will become second class.  

We need to ensure medical records are available securely on-line. Recent hacking events have given rise to cancelled operations, lost notes, unrecoverable computers.  The NHS is using Windows XP when that is regarded as open to hackers across the world.  More funding is needed but that will not happen by leaving the EU.

As longevity increases there will be, and is, greater need for hospice and home palliative care growth with matched funding, again this cannot come if the economy shrinks.

We need to focus healthcare training and education on less wealthy regions with a view to providing quality whole-life healthcare across the UK.  At the same time there needs to be coordination rather than chaos and stress.  We need to work towards a point where all health care professionals provide a holistic approach to each individualís health.  Again, the funding for that will not happen if the economy shrinks.